Left, Right, Up or Down?

There are so many decisions to make in life. And so many of them are hard.
Growing up is a lot harder than they tell you.

Erin and I had some great adventures the other night. Read her blog to find out more!

But in regards to life decisions... there are a few I've made I'm feeling good about.
I had a conversation today that made me feel more settled about some things that had been pressing on my mind.
I feel good about that. This is the first time since modular week I've felt good about the situation. That was back in February.

and only by the grace of God was I able to make it to the airport to see them get back. Originally their flight was coming in at 12. I was working 10-2. I found out later that they missed their flight and were getting in at 1:45. I was also getting off work at 1. So i made it to the airport like 10 minutes late. But I was there.

Well I guess I shoud go back to making important life decisions.

word of wisdom for today. Don't grow up too fast...


Best Mail EVER!

I came home today and had two pieces of mail.
One was my first letter from my sponsor child!!!!!
The second was a letter from a girl in Guatemala who recieved my operation christmas child box!!!!!
Two letters from two girls in two different continents! In one day! What are the chances?
It is so amazing!
I can't wait to write them back!



Sometimes pedestrians do really stupid things.
Like walk into the middle of traffic expecting people to stop.
Sometimes they walk really slowly through crosswalks.
I've seen people walk half way through a crosswalk and turn back around.

I know I've done stupid things as a pedestrian.
Which will remain unnamed... ahem running across the 6 lane road in Kelowna every year.

But today was the first time I had to stop for a pigeon.
He looked like he wanted to cross.
And I wasn't sure if he was going to.
It was very unnerving.
A pigeon in a mall parking lot crosswalk.


Stayin Out Late

Why is it so easy to stay up late to hang out with friends and have fun when its so hard to stay up late to do homework?

On a positive sidenote:

I seem to have less of a curfew right now. Soon enough I'll have none! Woohoo!


A Quickie

Grad weekend was FREAKING AMAZING!

More to come later

on a sad/funny note... I dropped my camera in my milkshake tonight.
But its okay.
Poor camera.