My Wiggly Worm

I’ve been experimenting with my speedlight. And by experimenting I mean completely winging it. After some reading on my beloved Clickin’ Moms forum I’ve got a bit of a clue now and can’t wait to try again tomorrow. I may have momentarily considered waking the Bean up to take some pictures, but that would just end badly for everyone.
Speaking of the Bean, Ella started crawling almost two weeks ago and it’s like her world has expanded a billion times. She’s into everything and chooses to ignore the word “No” nine times out of ten. Her crawling also means I have a lot more pictures of the back of her than of her face. I love my little wiggly worm!

From the Weekend


How I View Friendship

We’re onto the fourth month of the “How I View” series with my lovely ladies from Clickin Moms.
I’m linking up with 11 other wonderful ladies for this bloggy circle. Be sure to visit them all starting with Kelly!

April’s theme was Friendship.
A couple weekends ago we spent a night out at our friend’s family farm. We attempted to do some jumping photos and they did not go so well. But this pretty much sums up our friendship. Lots of craziness and laughter. I’ve known Tony and Lena for almost 10 years now and when Roy came along, lucky for him, he just fit right in. They’re expecting their first baby at the end of August so I’m beyond excited for Ella to have a little (gender unknown) friend and to spoil my niece/nephew.

Just a little pea she is

Just a little pea she is.”
My husband’s words. Or Yoda’s…
Ella had her 9 month check up today. It’s entirely possible I spilled a bunch of formula powder on me and the ground and spent 5 minutes on my hands and knees cleaning it off the floor but I’m not going to say for sure that it happened.
She’s a whole 14lb 7oz. My little 3rd percentile pea.
Who is now apparently more into reading books than eating them, most of the time anyways.