365 Catch Up Part 1

So I’ve been doing a project 365 since November-ish. Not going to lie I sometimes cheat and stretch photos from one day over a couple but I’ve managed to take a picture almost every day since then. I also sometimes resort to the iPhone.
If you know me you’ve probably seen a lot of these before but come back for the other catch up days as the last photo I posted on Facebook was number #117 and I have up to day #217 to post. Oh the excitement! (For me anyways!)



We spent some time at my parent’s house this weekend.
Ella now goes to sleep folded in half because obviously that is extremely comfortable…..

 She’s figured out how much fun splashing in the bathtub is. 

 post bath raisin toes


Post Nap Photos

Can you tell someone is teething by her constant need to put EVERYTHING in her mouth?!?!


Little Monkey

Since she’s started crawling Ella has become a little monkey. Within two and half weeks of learning to crawl she’s learned to pull herself up and she’s learned how to climb on anything she can, her change table, shelves in the living room, she’s tried climbing over me when I was laying on my back on the ground but that ended up in a face plant.

Best picture I’ve managed to get of her bottom teeth! The teeth on either side of those two have started to come in, just little points at the moment but soon they’ll be fully out.

  Ella signing “more”. She is very particular about her two thumbs going together. She’s very precise about it. Not that I can ever manged to capture it…

 She did this 4 or 5 times before getting bored with it. Round and round in circles.
All that climbing tires a girl out! She is so NOT a tummy sleeper and this last about an hour before she cried for me to flip her over.


Self Portrait

I try to get in front of the camera every once in a while….


How I View Motherhood

Writing this post means yet another month has gone by! It’s time for another “How I View…” blog circle with my lovely ladies from Clickin’ Moms. This month’s theme was Motherhood.
Let’s just say my little subject was less than cooperative this time around. She’s developed this whole “I’m independent, I’m going to do whatever I want, I don’t know what the word ‘no’ means” …thing. So we get pictures like these. Crying faces. Closed eyes. That moment where I went temporarily blind by accidently looking directly into my flash. Yeah don’t do that. A little girl who insists on readin the book all by herself. Upside down.
But I think that’s what motherhood is.
These perfectly imperfect moments all strung together.