From Where I Stand Every Day in May

I have been looking forward to May all year long! Last year I did a month long photo project called From Where I Stand Every Day in May. I chose May for two reasons; I thought it would be really fun to have my giant belly in the photo one day and a newborn baby the next and it the title of the project rhymed. I really couldn't NOT do it.

I am doing it again this year and although there will be no dramatic belly to baby transformation I am eager to capture a glimpse of my life in a bit of an unconventional way. It encourages me to leave my house more and be a bit more observant of the ground, which sounds odd but it's nice to slow down and notice the details I don't because I'm often so busy moving forward. I do not do it to document my shoes and my style sense, I'm fairly certain last year's set contains three types of footwear; flip flops, Toms and bare feet. This years will not be much different except my feet fit back into my Converse now and I have TWO pairs of Toms now.

For anyone counting that's 3 photo projects for May, Catch the Moment 365, 100 Happy Days and this one. Bring it May!

My 2013 #fromwhereistandeverydayinmay project. Looking at the photo of me standing over Zoey in her hospital bassinet is making me want to cry, in a horrible gut wrenching HOW ON EARTH WILL SHE BE ONE NEXT WEEK!?! kind of way. Aaaaaand I think I need black Toms again...


100 Happy Days Here at 701

During Spring Break a friend/co-worker and I were chatting about our previous few months at work. After facing a lot of not so positive days she said she was ready to start being happier and focus on the good. She told me she had signed up for the 100 Happy Day Challenge and was starting our first day back to work. Having read about and seeing some pictures posted on Instagram it took absolutely no convincing for me to join her!

When you visit the 100 Happy Days site you are greeted with these words:

"Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?"

Who wouldn't want that? I'm a realist of course, I know its not possible to be 100% happy all the time but it's definitely worth it to work towards being a bit happier every day.

I chose to document my 100 Happy Days with my iPhone and on Instagram with the hashtag #100happydayshereat701

With doing a 365 I thought I might be a bit insane to take on another photo project, however most days I've still managed to take two separate photos. I have another month long photo project coming in May (more info on that tomorrow!) so we'll see how I survive all three at the same time!

I'm only 22 days into my 100 Happy Days but I love how I am forced each day to look for the happy. At first it was just for the purpose of having a picture to post but now this more optimistic outlook is starting to become second nature for me. Lots of traffic on the way to work? More time to listen to music. Tired of cooking? I have access to food any time I need it. Cranky children? The knowledge that their laughter will eventually replace the whining.

If you haven't participated in the 100 Happy Days project I highly encourage you to sign up! Or even do a week, you won't regret it!

Here is my #100happydayshereat701 so far!


Catch the Moment Week 16

Yet another week of the year is gone! Except for the weekend I relied pretty heavily on my iPhone to capture our days. Oh how I long to upgrade to an iPhone 5! I'm making it a priority this week to use my DSLR. 

Zoey was looking incredibly cool during our Ikea wanderings on Friday. Jeans and converse are my favourite!

Ella enjoy her easter presents while Zoey looks at them longingly.

Ella pulled out these oranges from the fruit bowl and counted "One-two-three-four!"

Jelly bean hunting at mama and papa's.

The edge of the tub only got fuller after I took this photo.

The girls are starting to play together, even though it mostly involves Zoey destroying the things Ella makes.

Ella was very focused on "fixing" her bandaids on her ankle. 

Thursday required some x-rays to see if there is a reason Ella is waking up screaming about her legs.

Friday ended with jello and relaxing on the couch.

As always, check out the link up to see other Catch the Moment 365 Projects!

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Easter 2014

This year was the first time Ella understood "hunting for eggs". At both grandparents' houses she had treasures to find! Papa M. asked her if the Easter Bunny had left her presents. Her response, "No, you did!" We are raising a realist apparently. 

While searching for jelly beans (my childhood tradition) Ella let out a big "oooooh!" every single time she came across a pile of candy. Zoey just tried to grab the ones that were are her eye level which did not amuse Ella.

We attempted to dye hard boiled eggs using Kool-Aid. Our house smelled sweet for two days and Ella just wanted to splash the water with the spoon but at least I can say we did *something*. 

I greatly enjoyed the four days off from school, they were more relaxing than spring break and it was really hard to drag myself back to work on Tuesday morning. 

Before bed on Monday night Ella was telling me all about what we did for Easter and then found her pink pumpkin from October and said very loudly, "TRICK OR TREAT! We went trick or treat!"

We may have some holiday confusion happening here...


Post-Bath Zoey

It's taken almost a year of life for Zoey to enjoy her bath. It took squishing myself into the bath with the girls for her to finally feel safe enough to splash and play instead of clawing at me and attempting to climb out. That would mark the first and last shared bath, let's just say plugs are uncomfortable when you're the one sitting on them because you stupidly got in the bath the wrong way and the tub is too small to maneuver yourself around to the non-plug side of the tub....or something like that.

Ella so lovingly styled Zoey's hair for her. Not bad for a two year old I guess.


Papa's Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Papa's birthday with a trip to Cactus Club for steak. Their steak is delicious and one of their only gluten free options for me but I can't complain, being forced to order steak isn't so bad!

Zoey has been super into face squishing lately. Sometimes you can even get her to imitate you if you do it first. She mostly does it when she's very happy.

Ella had chocolate milk made for just for her.

Then we went to the mall for some ice cream. That may have been a mistake... I'm not sure if it was busy because people were on spring break or if that's just how it is on weekends but it was wall to wall people!

Ella was finally brave enough to accept a piggyback ride. Walking with Papa was the highlight of her day. A week later she told me all about the carousel we walked past and how you stick on it and hold the stick with two hands and go up and down.